Recruiting Contact

Professor : Seong-jun Oh (

Student : Inseok Lee(

Field of research

Next Generation Wireless Communications

Due to the limitation from Shannon's Capacity theorem, the wireless communication has to cope with the limited bandwidth and the ever-increasing data rate requirements. We approach this general problem in three different ways. Firstly, we try to improve the spectral efficiencyof a fixed bandwidth with the advanced spectrum use such as MIMO technology. Secondly, we search for the new frequency band for IMT-services and perform the sharing study to see if the interferences to other existing services are acceptable. Lastly, we consider a non-conventional network structure deviations from a cellular structure. We start with a small cell research and D2D investigation.
-. Research on spectral efficiency improvement for next-generation wireless communication systems
-. Develop a new spectrum with sharing study
-. Above 6 GHz band
-. 2.1 GHz Satellite spectrum for Terrestrial LTE
-. Satellite-Terrestrial interference
-. New network structure
-. Small-Cell
-. D2D study for Proximity Service
-. Transmit/Receive Cooperation